Tuesday, 19 September 2017

H&M Design Award 2017 winner Richard Quinn presents his capsule collection

Richard Quinn, a graduate of Central St Martins, winner of the H & M Design Award 2017, launches a collection that combines couture designs with 60s original shapes and silhouettes. The capsule collection, produced in collaboration with H&M, will be available on October 5th online at hm.com and in London at the Oxford Circus flagship store.

"Richard's collection is a fabulous cocktail of creativity, technical perfection, and ethical thinking, three elements that lead to gorgeous and avant-garde heads, but within the reach of a wide audience," says Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M and president of the jury of the H&M Design Award.

Prints from head to toe, exaggerated silhouettes and rebel spirit: these are the distinctive features of Richard Quinn's collection for the H&M Design Award 2017. The London designer has been inspired from the 1950s and 1960s forms and  materials.
 The strapless evening dress with multicolored floral print recalls the New Look silhouette. The inner tulle corset and balloon skirt give greater volume and create a contrast with the imposing metallic floral print overcoat. The classic trench is oversized, with 80's big shoulders to match the knee-boots with floral fantasy and stiletto heel.

"For this experience, H&M has fully supported my aesthetics, without ever suggesting to tone it down. I wanted to propose smart creations that are capable of generating public interest and I think I've succeeded," says Richard Quinn.

Art Deco presents its Fall/Winter collection Beauty of Nature

For Fall Art Deco takes us into a mystic oriental world and let us experience the magic of the Asian nature. The collection is inspired by the atmosphere of a misty day of Fall in an enchanted jungle.
Art Deco Fall collection Beauty of Nature will really inspire you with soft floral patterns where a vibrant dazzling hummingbird meet clean and opaque tones.
The collection includes the Roll It Disc Eyeliner a true revolution to achieve the perfect wing easier than ever before thanks to its innovative application wheel. The Full Mat Lip Color apply very well and give you a beautiful matte, vibrant finish. Give your cheeks a soft and rosy colour with the Blush Couture in a limited edition Hummingbird design. The Beauty Box Trio let you compose your desired eye palette between the fashionably colours available in the collection. The limited edition Volume Sensation Mascara and Long Lasting Brow Liner will ensure for an expressive and magnetic look for Fall.

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Monday, 18 September 2017

Interio Collector's Home: style for the globetrotter

Summer it is getting to an end, time to spend more time indoor in the comfort of our home.  It's time to put the right  accessories and some goodies that reminds us of fareaway places and that created warmth even on the coldest autumn days. The colors of the saturated earth, which characterize the living spaces in autumn, accompany  souvenirs from far, agile mid-century pieces, cushions decorated with colorful designs and other collection items. New furniture and home accessories in the autumn collection of Interiors are the heart of all the globetrotters.
In the fall, winning cards are essential products in natural materials such as leather and wood.
The formal language of furniture: agile in mid-century style, on thin legs in solid wood or
metal. These are left to combine ethnic accessories such as colorful pots of pottery KEISHA and LINDA: getting a piece of the world into the house, we mitigate nostalgia of distant countries. Earth-like neutral colors as well as soft and warm fabrics give the spaces a welcoming atmosphere.
The ambient is enhanced by the elegance and brightness of lamps and paintings as well as other artistic pieces. Handmade rugs become pleasing souvenirs of the last travel through distant cultures: HERIBERTO and HESTER models, decorated with tassels, succeed to relieve the sense of nostalgia of distant countries that takes all the cosmopolitans in the coldest autumn days. The secret star of the house in the fall season are the poufs from the eve folklore. These padded fashion accessories are genuinely genial for every use.
Whether sitting, supporting surfaces or next to the couch, to fit our legs, they are a guarantee of moments of tranquility.

Elie Saab introduces its new feminine fragrance Girl of Now

As a huge fan of Elie Saab fragrances I honestly could not wait to try his new fragrance Girl of Now. 
Of course I was not disappointed as the new fragrance is addictive, irresistible and super-feminine. 
Girl of Now is the perfect fragrance for the girl of now generation:  a free-spirit with a positive and disconcerting energy. True to herself and never fake she lives every instant with  grace and intensity.
Elie Saab is famous for his wedding dresses and evening gowns which make women feel like real life princesses. He is a master in enhancing women's beauty through its magnificent garments.  The fragrances gives us the oppurtunity to explore the designer's world and are surely a different way to wear Elie Saab.
Girl of Now is based on a floral innovation and Elie Saab olfactory signature of Patchouli and Orange.  It opens with  an uplifting sparkle of Pear and Mandarin Orange while roasted Pistachio together with witht of Ormond Flower creates a unique floral scent. Tonka Bean and Almond Milk ground the fragrance making it a fresh and sensual.
The bottle is fine cut just like an evening gown with a beautiful enamel petal motif, making Girl of Now looking just like a precious jewel.
Elie Saab Girl of Now is available as Edp 30 ml, Edp 50 ml, Edp 90 ml, body lotion and shower gel.

Girl of Now
is available now

Thursday, 14 September 2017

On the occasion of World Animal Day brands Pedigree® and Whiskas® support the Swiss Animal Protection

38 dogs and cats per day become homeless in Switzerland,  making for total of 13'773 animals a year.
Time to act and do something about it! For this year's World's Animal Day Mars Schweiz is supporting the «Adopt a pet» campaign through its Pedigree® and Whiskas® brands. The Ambassadors for this campaign are animal lovers Kerstin Cook and Sara Bachmann.
As October 4th marks the occasion of World Animal Day, it is really time to give a homeless animal a lovely home. However, for older or sick dogs and cats adoption can be difficult.
The Pedigree® and Whiskas® brands are therefore supporting this campaign in conjunction with the Swiss Animal Protection SAP  and Coop: during calendar week 40 and 41, 10 Cents will be donated  for every product sold.  50% of the revenues will go to  www.adopt-a-pet.ch and the other 50% to dogs and cats difficult- to-place currently in the animal shelters of the SAP sections.

Sara Bachmann and Kerstin Cook with their dogs

You can help this campaign not only with the purchase of Pedigree® and Whiskas® products, but also with the donation of cat and dog food. As a kick-off for World Animal Day from  October, 4th onward  Coop Bau + Hobbys will place  food donation boxes to collect food for the dogs and cats in the animal shelters. The boxes will stay even after the World Animal Day campaign ends, so you can contribute year-round!
In Switzerland, according to the ANIS dog database there are 540,000 dogs currently living in 12% of households -  and every second animal comes from abroad. According to the SAP an average of 442 Dogs cross the Swiss borders every week. Of the 25,000 dogs born in Switzerland only 2'000 come from animal shelters.
The illegal puppy trade is becoming a problem. Many people are buying nowadays "cheap puppies" from abroad with the click of a mouse on the Internet - this is faster and is often  cheaper than adopting a dog from the shelter.
However these puppies are often bred under poor conditions and confined in small, polluted wire cages. Many mothers never see sunlight. The puppies are often separated too early from their mothers, badly socialized and become sickly. Many puppies die during transport or shortly thereafter.
For all these reasons it is important that we do our best to adopt and not buy a pet, as thousands of cats and dogs are waiting to find a home!
 World Animal Day is an international initiative aimed at drawing attention to the suffering of the animals caused by people. Since 1925 it has been held every year on the saint's day of Francis of Assisi as he was known to be a passionate animal lover.

Kerstin Cook

Sara Bachmann

Ex-Miss Switzerland Kerstin Cook and presenter Sara Bachmann set themselves up as ambassadors of
Pedigree® and Whiskas® for the campaign. "Why get a puppy from abroad? The Swiss animal shelters
are full, "says Cook. The model has been working for the SAP for years.
Sara Bachmann also has a heart for animals. Her Parson Russell Aria is always with her. That
so many animals end up in the shelters, makes her angry: "Many animals end up in the shelter, because humans did not think enough before buying, "says Bachmann.

My dog Jasper making it clear how much he loves his Dentastix!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Have a break with Starbucks Chilled Classics!

September is here and that can mean only one thing: Summer is coming to an end and is time to get back to work, school or in general back to real life! Of course it is not always easy to get back into the routine after you had some time off or holidays but I find the secret for me is to try to get back into things slowly and to take regular breaks. This I find  really helps in coping with post holiday stress and in being more productive.
Of course I enjoy my breaks even more if I have with me my favourite Starbucks Chilled Classics!
They are fast becoming part of my daily routine and I make them my well deserved treat after a busy morning or during a long train ride to events. I make sure I always have some with me in my backpack or bag whenever I am on the go so I can enjoy a delicious coffee drink anytime!
And if you are worrying about your waistline after all that holiday indulging don't worry as you can enjoy the Starbucks Chilled Classics Skinny Latte with at least 30% less sugar than most Ice coffees is surely a guilt-free treat!
Plus the Chilled Classics Skinny Latte is also lactose-free making it a lot easier to digest and the perfect drink to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!

PERSKINDOL goes pink!

Perskindol has been encouraging people to do more sports activities for more than 30 years now and regularly makes us aware that its yellow Classic Perskindol can give us immediate beneficial effects in case of muscle pain or sprains.
Why is  Perskindol all dressed in pink now?
In Switzerland, many women are personally affected - and every day more women are confronted
to the diagnosis of breast cancer. Because sports activity has been proven to have positive effects in prevention, during and after breast cancer, Perskindol sends a clear message with its "limited edition" pink version which will launch in October 2017. For each pink tube sold, Perskindol will donate CHF 1.- to Pink Ribbon Switzerland. 
With the launch of Perskindol Active "Limited Edition" Perskindol reinvents itself and sees life in pink for a good cause.
In addition, Perskindol is proud to sponsor the Pink Ribbon Charity Walk Z├╝rich on 24th of September 2017 at Letzigrund Stadium and is also participating in the Pink Challenge Walk Lausanne on 22nd October 2017 at the Parc de Milan.